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SD 12-06-2008 04:14 AM

What Cert to start with from ground zero

I am interested in exploring my options with certification. Currently
I have no certifications whatsoever except for a BS degree in
managerial economics. I am interested in computer programming and am
almost finished with a book on C#. Computer Science was my original
interest as an undergrad in college...i was discouraged with a FORTRAN
class I was required to take which was later canceled one semester
after I finished.

I am a bit confused by the wiki article about Microsoft certified
professionals. If i wanted to pursue further certification in
programming could i do that through one of the cert paths (eg
MCTS .net 536 and 526) without pre-req...can i self study for it or do
i need to enroll in a school?

Any information would be helpful and appreciated


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