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harryos 12-03-2008 08:15 AM

ant doubt using war task
i am learning to use jsp in web apps.I have given the following
directory structure for my web app

src-for .java files
web-for jsp files
lib-for jar files
meta-for web.xml

I want to use some .jspf files that contain some directives (like
taglib inclusions) and want to use it in my jsp files like
<%@ include file="/WEB-INF/jspf/taglib-inc.jspf" %>

My build.xml has this target definition for create-war

<target name="create-war" depends="compile" >
<war destfile="${dist}/${context-path}.war"
<classes dir="${build}"/>
<lib dir="${lib}"/>
<fileset dir="${web}"/>

This will create a war file where the structure is

WEB-INF\classes --al .classes
WEB-INF\lib ---.jar files

How should i modify the target definition sothat the .jspf files can
be included in WEB-INF/jspf directory?Where exactly should i put
the .jspf files?
pls help


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