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jdh201 11-24-2008 07:08 PM

RE: Wireless Access Problem
If you can get to telnet on the devices or use a laptop connected to the
wireless network you can use "telnet "serverip" 21" to see if you can connect
through to the ftp server. If it works you should get a "220 FTP Server
ready." message. Are you running any type of router between your wireless
network and you wired? The MAP-320 appears to be just a managed wifi
network, nothing special. So any settings that would block access to your
ftp server would have to be on a router or firewall between the two.

"Andy Baker" wrote:

> A customer of ours has a Colubris wireless access point (MAP-320 I think),
> that is used to allow several CE devices to access the main system. It all
> works well and they can access the SQL server on the main server and
> transfer data. They can also ping all the PCs on the network.
> The problem is, to allow for automatic program updates, they have set up an
> FTP server on one of the PCs. The FTP server is set up correctly because if
> they log in via FTP from one of the other PCs on the network, it responds
> correctly. If they try to log in from one of the CE devices while connected
> to the MAP-320, nothing responds. Unfortunately I don't have a Colubris
> access point here, just a cheap Linksys one, and it works on that without a
> problem. I presume something on the Colubris is blocking port 21 / FTP
> access, but having looked through the manual, I cannot see where there are
> any settings for this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
> Andy Baker

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