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dincs 11-18-2008 03:31 PM

Re: Gigaset hotmail email alert possable ? wrote:
> da wrote:
>> I'm been looking at various Gigaset phones and wonder if they can give a
>> email alert from my Hotmail account. I know they 'talk' IM via a Jabber
>> server but wanted to know if they can maybe send the subject line of a
>> Hotmail.......

> It would be nice if they could just get them working reliably as a phone
> in the first instance!
> We had the "ring of death" earlier today on our Gigaset phones.
> It's when the phones all ring and the screens all go blank and each time
> you pick up a handset it goes to the point of no return requiring
> battery removal and the Siemans box being re-set.
> Admittedly this is only the 2nd time it's happend in the last 3 or 4
> weeks and I am running an un-released firmware update which is is the
> only way I can get the things actually behaving.
> So in answer to your question...
> I beleive you can set them up to poll an e-mail server, whereby they
> will display the first line of any new e-mail. It's not something I
> personally would try at the moment though, it's still a bit too flaky
> confuse things even more. But yes it should work in theory.
> Pete

I have been running a S450IP with two handsets flawlessly for six months
without the need for any reboot. It is registering on six VoIP accounts
AND polling a POP3 mailbox every 15 minutes.
One of the VoIP accounts is registering as an extension of my Trixbox
PBX at the office, two are registering with a provider in Italy, two
with Sipgate and one with
An additional PSTN line is connected to the base.
You can see from this that the kit has been rather busy, and still is.
Not a blip in six months, not a missed call, not a single reboot since
install - apart when applying new firmware releases.
I'm on a very good, reliable and not oversubscribed Virgin Cable
broadband, tho. VoIP - generally - and Siemens phones - specifically -
can be VERY temperamental if the broadband you use is pants.

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