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Evan Platt 11-15-2008 11:17 PM

Unable to boot to DiskWarrior DVD
Have a DW DVD a friend made me... My mac won't boot, running fsck says
Keys out of order.

Booting from the DW DVD, the error displays is
The "com.Alsoft.DiskWarrior.prefs" file is corrupt or write protected.
Quit DiskWarrior, throw away the preference file, then, open
DiskWarrior again. A new preference file will be created with the
default settings.

The "com.Alsoft.DiskWarrior.prefs" preference file is located within
the Preferences folder that is within the library folder of your
startup disk.

But this file isn't anywhere on my DVD or my hard drive.

Any ideas?

Thanks :)
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