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Jerry III 10-15-2003 07:33 AM

Re: Switching Between HTTP and HTTPS
HttpRequest.IsSecureConnection doesn't work for you?


"Kenneth Keeley" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> I wish to have a web site that has most of the pages as normal HTTP

> but has some areas that use HTTPS. I want to have it that if a user

> a link to a HTTPS page that they go there an there Session Information is
> kept. I also wish to have the pages switch automatically to HTTPS if a
> visitor types the URL without the HTTPS. So my questions are:
> 1) How to redirect to a Secure Page without losing Session Info?
> 2) How to test if page is accessed by HTTPS, and if not switch to

> quickly?
> I think something like this code is what I want but how do I do it.
> <%
> if not "HTTPS" then
> response.redirect(
> end if
> %>
> Thanks for the help.
> Kenneth Keeley

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