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Andy 11-01-2008 04:12 PM

Has anyone got a SPA9000 working?
Hi all

I have been playing with VoIP for a while and have used a PAP2-NA, SPA3102
along with a softphone to connect to my VoIP account on VoIPTALK. This has
not caused me any problems. However, trying to connect these ata's to the
SPA9000 brings a whole new set of problems. I can even connect to my VoIP
account using the SPA9000 and make / receive calls. The problem comes when
I try to connect the ata to the SPA9000 as an extension.
I am also looking to connect the SPA3102 to the PSTN and route this into the
SPA9000 as an incomming line, this is also causing me problems.

Would anyone possibly have a copy of an example setup for the SPA9000


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