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Ian 10-27-2008 11:44 AM

Thermaltake M9 Case
PC Stats have a review of the Thermaltake M9 Case, a low cost steel case that might have some potential for modders:


The Thermaltake M9 is a mid-tower case that doesn't deviate too much from the generic ATX format - its 3.5" drives mount parallel to its expansion slots, it's got a pair of fans in front and rear, and the power supply is mounted on the top of the case. Thermaltake is trying to stand out from the crowd by throwing in a few extras; tool-free drive bays, two front panel USB and audio jacks, as well as a nifty removable hard drive cage. The M9 is a straight forward case with all the nods towards keeping itself modern and useful.

Thermaltake's M9 stands 17" tall and 7.5" wide (although that swells out to 9" at its widest point), and is constructed out of plain old SECC steel, glossy black plastic, and mesh grating along its front bays. There's room inside for six 5.25" optical drives and three 3.5" bays in its default configuration, although that can be changed to open up as many as nine 5.25" bays by removing the hard drive cage.
Read more here.

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