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CLicker 10-15-2008 09:47 PM

Re: Batman Dark Knight bluray release?

"The Mighty T.B." <> wrote in
> "neonlite" wrote:
>> Does anyone know when Batman The Dark Knight is going to be
>> released on
>> blu ray? :confused:

> It's been confirmed for Dec 9th. It will also replicate the
> changing aspect ratio of the IMAX theatrical version.
> T.B.

Per NetFlix, which has been known to be in error, it's 2.40.
Would you mind elaborating on the "changing aspect ration of the
IMAX theatrical version?" The last time, quite long ago, that I
went to an IMAX theater film, it was closer to 3 stories high
by 4 wide than 2.40:1 or 16:9.

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