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bulewold 09-14-2008 09:03 AM

Mysterious Network Problem - Can't Find A Computer
I have network of four computers which all work FINE except for one...

I've beein setting up network many times for me and my friend (not an advanced skill but moderate) for years... and never seen this!!!

I use dynamic ip so I find other computers with name which I'll abbriviate to S, T, and V.

S is connected directly router, T and V is wireless networked.

S and T is connecting FINE while V is not.

On V's Computer:
Ran network setup and rebooted many times.
IPCONFIG shows no weird signs (such as wrong subnet or default gateway) and disply all three correct information that's matching with ip address shown in router
When clicked my network, underneath my workgroup, (aka NETWORK), nothing is shown.

I've seen situations where on the NETWORK, only the computer I'm using is shown and not connected with others but in this case, it's empty! as there's NOTHING! ?????

Now, I looked everywhere to find this troubleshoot and did many myself.

I tried pining each other. when I used ip address (hichever it's pointed to other computer) worked perfectly and even from other computer to the V.

But when I tried to use net use *\\ or mapping network drive, I'll go on pause for a long time and say cannot find the path.

Now, given that, I've tried to ping it using the name.
S and T ping each other find using the name while when used with name, V cannot find other nor others can reach V... when using ip address (which is being used at the moment) they can ping each other without problem

I've tried part where I disable wireless network and connected directly to routher by wire since this does sometimes fix problem.

That's pretty much all I've done... I know it's long but I figured if I'm to get any help, you need to know everything I've done.

And I do not user any third party firewall and all three computers have nearly identical setup (as far as windows update and any other)

S and V is using Windows XP Pro while T use Windows XP tablet version and these are not up to date. (just install without any service pack)

If any of you outthere can help me, I'll really appriciated! I've been working on this off and on for over 3 months now... but could not find solution!

Thank in advance to anyone who attempts to solve this!

- Sarah

bulewold 09-21-2008 10:06 PM

No one has any idea as how to solve this, eh?

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