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impossible 09-09-2008 11:03 PM

Re: vista auto-defrag

"gimp" <> wrote in message news:48c63a8c$
> i'm new to vista, but have just installed vista ultimate 64-bit SP1. its
> defragging by itself, which is really &W)$%ing me off. i've told it
> not to run defrag on a scehdule but its doing it anyway...? it seems to
> 'analize the disk' whenever i get updates from windows update as well....
> i'm not sure why microsoft enabled scheduled defrags for ultimate, as no
> professional user that required sustained hdd performance would ever want
> this...
> its a dell XPS M1530 notebook which is awesome but basically useless
> 'cause it won't stop defragging.

If you've turned off Vista's scheduled defrag, then Vista isn't
defragging -- full stop. As a "professional user", I'm sure you've already
confirmed this for yourself, but Vista runs many maintenance tasks in the
background -- indexing, prioritizing the boot- load process, tuning the
memeory utilization, etc. Over time, as the system is stabilized, much of
this activity dies down. Meanwhile, just forget about it and get on with
your work.

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