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Ringmaster 07-31-2008 02:37 PM

Music Database
I have added a 750 gB external drive, to use as a Media Center. My database
includes columns for Name (I want to change this to "Song Title"), Artist,
Genre, Size & Type.

All of the data appears under the column "Name", with the exception of
"Size" and "Type".

I don't know how to get the "Song Title", "Artist", "Genre" and other data
to appear in their correct columns. Do I need to go back to the "Name"
column, and use special seperators (? spelling) such as semi-colon, comma,
dash, spaces, to get the data to appear under the correct column? I can
re-name the data under the "Name" column, but that won't do what I need.

Thanks for your response

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