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Doug.Hughes80 07-22-2008 07:02 PM

MAPI Problems with Outlook Express running on XP 64-bit
I have an 32-Bit MFC application running on XP 64-bit that creates a new mail message and then uses MAPI to start up the New Mail Message dialog on either Outlook or Outlook Express.

When I have Outlook Express closed everyhting works properly. The new mail message dialog comes up and gets sent to the OLE mailbox.

When I have OLE running it complains that OLE is already running and to shut it down and try again. This would make perfect sence however it works with Outlook 2007. This case also worked back in XP 32-bit. So I've been thinking all a long that its because Outlook Express is a 64-bit process, but then it wouldn't work even when OLE is closed, it would nevere work with OLE.

So the difference in the two scenarios is that OLE is running in one case and not in the other. And when it use ot work it was on a 32-bit XP OS.

Any Clues?

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