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japss 07-12-2008 06:40 AM

Unable to configure IIS website to use ASP.NET 2.0

We have been upgrading our intranet sites to .NET 2.0 from 1.1 one-by-one - it is win 2003, xeon E5335 2.0Ghz, IIS 6.0. The server only had .NET framework 1.1 and we recently installed .NET 2.0 and .NET 2.0 SP1 But for some reason, ASP.NET tab does not appear on the IIS (The server has WSS 2.0 installed). Setting Enable32bitAppOnWin64 to TRUE/FALSE on MetaBase.xml does not help.

When I use aspnet_regiis, all sites get converted to use .NET 2.0 But I wanted to use only the selected site to use 2.0, the rest should continue to use 1.1 I have created separate app pool for 2.0 sites.

v2.0...>aspnet_regiis -s w3svc/1/root/virapp1 works perfect for virtual directories (localhost/virapp1), not for "websites". How do I set .NET 2.0 for "website"? Intranet sites are configured as "website" not virtual directory. aspnet_regiis -s aspnet_regiis -s w3svc/1/root/app1 says "Installation stopped because the specified path (w3svc\1\root\app1) is invalid". And when I use aspnet_regiis -lk lists only the virtual directories not "websites". Does it mean that aspnet_regiis cannot be used to register websites?

How do I solve this problem? - I do not have ASP.NET tab on IIS 6.0; aspnet_regiis does not work for "websites" on iis, works only for virtual directories. What other options to try?

Thanks in advance!

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