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Ralph Bergmann 07-06-2008 09:34 PM

berlin.jar ...the first Java conference in Berlin, Germany
On September 13 and 14 we provide the first Java conference in Berlin,

*For our upcoming JAVA conference, we need YOU*

*Call for Papers*

This is going to be the the first Java conference in Berlin. Over a
period of two days (Saturday and Sunday) there are speeches going to be
held in three tracks, concerning everything about JAVA. Apart from these
speeches, you are welcome to present your projects in the DemoCamp,
advertising for your own stuff. Additionally you have the option to
arrange workshops if you're up to do so. We would be glad to provide you
with rooms and beamers for this purpose.

On Saturday evening there will be a barbecue for everyone. We would like
to beg our speakers and exhibitors to participate in this collective
event in order to allow for an exchange of information between visitors
and our experts.


For your speeches, including a reasonable time for answering questions,
we estimate a term of 90 minutes. There will be a 15-minute break
between each speech. The only condition your talk has to fulfil is a
reference to JAVA.

Please submit your speech together with a short description of it and an
introduction of yourself to the person in charge by the 8th of august
2008. Unfortunately, speeches submitted after this date cannot be
considered for the creation of promotional flyers. By the 15th of august
we will inform you about the time your speech is scheduled for (if
necessary, please indicate a preferred time).


We provide you with two possibilities to showcase your project. On the
one hand this could be a speech concerning your project (see speeches).
On the other hand you will have the opportunity to obtain a booth which
will enable you to promote your project over the entire duration of the
conference. In this case please contact us and tell us about your ideas,
we will take of the details.


You will have the opportunity to arrange a workshop within the scope of
the conference. Please contact us for the organisation and the order
that have to be dealt with.

*Call for Sponsors*

"Money makes the world go round." (John Cassidy)

You would like to help us? Our conference is not supposed to be some
kind of a print office for money, we are not doing this to ramp up our
bank accounts. Nevertheless, a few bucks out of it could come in handy.

If you are interested in donating some money and appearing as a sponsor,
don't hesitate, contact us.

Every assistance, no matter how small it is, is welcome and appreciated.
It does not necessarily have to be money, contributions in kind are just
as welcome.



Ralph Bergmann

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