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Re: Copy boot drive??
On Jun 30, 5:15*pm, "DC" <spamm...@****> wrote:
> Hello,
> New to this group, but maybe someone can advise.
> I've just put a second hard drive in this machine-160G
> as a slave to the original 80G one.
> What I have in mind is to copy the whole of drive C: onto
> the new one, and then remove the original for use in a USB enclosure.
> The question is, how to go about it........
> Thanks,
> Dave C.

try googling
how do i copy a hard drive

youl should know that there is file backup, and there is cloning. But
googling what you wrote still works.

try any link, you could even try the first one.

cloning would do what you want. it is more than a file copy.

acronis, norton ghost. , Maybe some free programs too.

Now explain why you couldn't google that?

The answer was on te first link, and a thousand others.

It's not like nobody ever thought of it before.

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