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Cheung, Jeffrey Jing-Yen 08-13-2003 02:55 PM

Help!!! ASP.NET Crashing in production environment
I have an ASP.NET application which has been crashing for a few months.
I have not been able to make heads or tails out of it. Before, we
were lucky enough to have it crash only during midnight, but now it is
crashing during the day time. What I want is to be able to view a list
of all files accessed during crash time. Is there any such tool or
performance counter that would allow me to do this? I have done the
whole WinDBG -> crash dump route, which led to a discovery of a very
general problem and that was the Garbage Collector being overpowered
with memory objects. I would like to know which areas of my application
are leaking memory all over the place. Any help would be greatly

Jeff Cheung

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