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Ian 06-29-2008 04:20 PM

Samsung SCX 4300 Printer
Inside HQ take a look at the multifunction Samsung SCX 4300 Printer/Scanner/Fax machine, a popular office conbination:


During autonomous copying, it is possible to deliver 99 copies of the very same document (you can choose this option directly on command panel) and you can do scaling of any document in range from 50% up to 200% from its original size. Printing is realized in maximum resolution of 600dpi and it is supported with 8MB of internal device memory. Sheet cassette can hold 250 paper sheets, while output tray has capacity of only 50 sheets (face down). Capacity of “starter” cartridge that is included with Samsung SCX 4300 is also minimal. To be exact, this “starter” cartridge is expected to last for 1000 pages which is actually half of standard (replacement) cartridge capacity. So it would be advisable to activate printing option with less toner consumption, until you purchase new cartridge of full capacity. In reality this means that you need to add price of replacement cartridge to price of device itself if you plan to use its printing capabilities a lot. This device doesn’t offer optional additions for duplex print or larger input paper cassette.
Read the review here.

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