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cwdjrxyz 06-29-2008 08:28 AM

Re: Browser Question
On Jun 29, 2:30*am, Neredbojias <me@
fliam.php> wrote:
> Recently I was interested in browser usage stats so I Googled for "browser
> usage" which gave me this link as #1:
> There may be some variation in other statistical reports, but I'm sure the
> basic trend holds. *My question is this: Why is Opera's share of the market
> so pitifully small? *It's a nice browser to use, one can obtain almost as big
> a viewport as in Firefox, and its minimal operational bugs have been
> continuously corrected with time. *It's parses more correctly than Firefox or
> anything else I know of, and it's just as free. *Nevertheless, it has less
> than a 2% market share and FF has at least a 30% share.
> This really puzzles me.

People who go to the w3 schools site are at least somewhat interested
in computer code, so they are more likely to have downloaded another
browser in addition to the browser that came with the computer - often
an IE one. I would guess much of the general public that uses
computers could care less about browsers or code. Even Microsoft has
to push fairly hard to get people to keep their IE and OS updated.
Thus Microsoft security programs push automatic updates hard, although
they will let you select updates yourself with a little trouble. The
most popular non-IE browser in the US and much of the world is no
doubt Firefox, but I would guess that it would have much less than a
30% share for sites where average computer users go. Yes Opera is a
good browser, and perhaps more standards correct than Firefox. It does
have a few issues with some media formats from time to time, and media
is a big thing for much of the general public. The media issues often
are the fault of junk code rather than anything wrong that Opera does.

Of course the browsers that most people are using are free these days
and generate nothing but good will for the companies that distribute
them. I have heard that the company that gives Opera away is strong in
small devices, especially in Europe, and that is likely where they
make much of their profit. You have to be able to write very efficient
browers and to handle xml code well to cater to this market.

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