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nasshorn 06-29-2008 02:16 AM

Sandisk customer support very disappointing
I have always bought Sandisk memory cards with great trust. I got a new camera and wanted a very fast card so I researched and bought a Sandisk Extreme III 2GB SD card. It worked for the first few photos and then started giving me fits. I couldn't put any more photos or delete photos. I had about 12 or 15 on the card that should have held at least 200 - 300 even in RAW mode. I called Sandisk and they tried to help trouble shoot it over the phone but finally determined I would have to return it for exchange. First they tried to get me to return it to where I bought it, but that store (and most stores) has a no return on media cards because the manufacturer has a warranty on their product. So after a few days they sent me the RMA with a printable label for UPS (That is a good thing) Even though it's too late, to make a long story a little bit shorter it has taken forever to get them to finally send me the replacement. They had my old one for approximately two weeks before shipping out the new one. Which, BTW, I have not received yet. I had a big family reunion coming up and needed the card so I went and bought a Kingston, which turns out to be even faster than the Sandisk, and works too. So if you get a good Sandisk card you're fine, but if you get a bad one, don't count on Sandisk to move any faster than a tired old snail.

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