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Neil Green 06-28-2008 12:49 PM

Re: Shuttle AK32E boot problem

"Kyote" <kyote_love_at_no_spam_hotmail_dot_com> wrote
in message
> Background info
> -----------------------
> I have a Shuttle AK32E MB that has been very
> reliable since I bought
> it a few years ago.
> Recently, meaning a few months, I my brother gave me
> his 'broken
> computer' knowing that I like them for parts. It
> turned out that it
> wasn't broken. Somehow, he has kids, the sata drives
> boot drivers got
> corrupted. I called him and told him in case he
> wanted it back. But he
> had already bought a new one and told me to keep it.
> Since it happened
> to be much better than my AK32E I figured I'd use it
> instead and use
> my old one as a nice backup, just in case.
> At a recent family reunion 2 other family members
> gave me their old
> computers. One supposedly broken, the other no
> longer needed. The
> supposedly broken one simply had the master switch,
> on the back near
> where the power cord plugs in, turned off. My uncle
> had taken it to a
> computer shop and they told him the MB was fried and
> sold him a new
> computer. I told him not to rely on just their
> diagnosis since it was
> the first time he had gone to that shop. But my
> Aunt, his wife, is
> having a bout with cancer and I'm sure that lead to
> his impatience
> with it. So he bought a new one and I now have 4
> nice computers, or so
> I thought.
> Since the 2 new computers I got from the reunion had
> some nice
> components in them I figured I could make my backup
> AK32E computer
> even better. Maybe use it to do most of my cd/dvd
> burning/editing
> whenever that bug gets to me. I hate staring at the
> screen waiting for
> long processes to finish and moving all that to my
> backup was a great
> idea, imho.
> I moved my main dvd burner to my backup(AK32E)
> computer then booted up
> into windows xp pro sp2 to install Nero. I got
> almost to the end of
> installation when the computer suddenly powered
> down. Not a good sign.
> I rebooted and everything seemed fine. But I removed
> Nero and tried
> reinstalling. Exact same thing at about the same
> spot. So I figured it
> may be my copy of Nero.
> But about this time I noticed that my Main drive was
> set as a slave
> drive with no master. Not sure if it had been that
> way since I
> reinstalled or not but I tohugh that that might be
> my problem. So I
> pulled the drive and it's jumper was set for cable
> select. I changed
> it to master and tried to boot up. No go. I ened up
> formatting and
> reinstalling windows xp. It was now set as the mast
> drive but now it
> would not recognize my main dvd burner and being
> installed in the
> system. It's a plextor and I love the thing so I got
> sorried thinking
> after all these years it had finally crapped out on
> me. So I put it in
> my new system my brother had given me, which is
> where it was before I
> put it in my backup, and everything was fine.
> I was starting to lose patience so I decided, screw
> it, I'll use the
> computer my uncle gave me as my backup since it also
> has a brand new
> dvd burner and a dvd-ram drive in it already. But
> even though
> everythign seemed ok with it, there was a problem. I
> wont get into
> that in this post. I plan on asking for all of your
> expertise with
> that once we figureo ut whats wrong with my shuttle
> AK32E system
> first.
> when I dicovered there was a problem with my Uncle's
> gift i decided to
> knuckle down and fix my old reliable Shuttle system.
> Now to the problem:
> Problem
> -----------------------
> I turned it on and got the apology about an improper
> shut down and I
> chose normal startup. It showed the bar on the
> bottom(progress
> indicator) and it moved all the way to the far
> right, then stopped.
> After a few minutes I powered it down and retried.
> Same thing. So I
> thought maybe the hard drive was having trouble. I
> removed the hard
> drive from my another working computer, put it in,
> and got the exact
> same thing. That showed me it was not the hard
> drive. Also, no posting
> error beeps what so ever. I rebooted and went into
> the bios, loaded
> the defaults and only changed it to recognize a usb
> keyboard and got
> the same thing. The ram was being calculated, but I
> thought maybe,
> just maybe... so I took one stick out at a time and
> and each was still
> calculated ok, but got the same thing.
> Also, if I remove the jumper from the hard drive and
> detach the only
> other drive, cd-rom, it acts like there is no hard
> disk at all and
> gives me the failure to boot message, about the
> drive missing.
> Oh, and I even tried clearing the CMOS in case it
> somehow got
> corrupted. But that didn't change anything what so
> ever either.
> -----------------------
> Ok, thats about it. I'm sorry for being so long
> winded on the
> description. But I figured if you knew everything I
> had tried up until
> now you'd be better informed on what I might have
> over looked. And I'm
> hoping like crazy that I'm overlooking something.
> Because if not it's
> beginning to look to me as if the Primary IDE
> channel is shot.
> Can anyone think of something that might be causing
> the problem? I'll
> try just about anything. I'm familiar enough with
> computers to know
> that if I overlook 1 little tiny thing it can cause
> a problem. So
> hopefully that's what I'm doing.

Change the mobo battery.

Neil Green 06-30-2008 09:54 PM

Re: Shuttle AK32E boot problem

"Kyote" <kyote_love_at_no_spam_hotmail_dot_com> wrote
in message
> On Sat, 28 Jun 2008 22:49:22 +1000, "Neil Green"
> <> wrote:
>>Change the mobo battery.

> Thank you for the reply. I will if you still think I
> should try it but
> the system time is set and accurate, no glitches. I
> think if the
> battery were dead I'd have to reset the time every
> time I turned it
> on.

I presume you've already replaced the IDE cable with a
known good one?

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