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Ian 06-26-2008 11:41 AM

Logitech G15 Revision 2 Gaming Keyboard
Big Bruin have a new review of the Logitech G15 Revision 2 Gaming Keyboard, an excellent bit of kit for gamers:


With input devices custom tailored for home theaters, online communications, 3D gaming, and of course basic desktop duty, Logitech has something to appeal to just about everyone. This review is going to focus on a keyboard loaded with features specifically designed for 3D gamers; the G15 Revision 2.

An overview of the Logitech G15 Revision 2 gaming keyboard is shown in the promotional image above, and some of the items that make it unique can already be seen. The overall style is sporty, a "GamePanel" LCD provides convenient access to system information, a handful of G-keys allow you to program your own macros, and backlit keys let you take command with any lighting condition.
Read the review here.

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