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Re: Changing the hard drive on a Polaroid DRM-2001G
On Jun 10, 8:51 pm, <> wrote:
> This has been a fine machine until this past week. The hard drive is
> showing signs of failure. Has anyone ever changed the hard drive on this
> machine, and if so, what's involved?

Heaving it directly into the nearest dumpster and proceeding directly
to your electronics retailer of choice to get a new recorder from a
different maker.

I'm not trying to be a smartass. Polaroid is one of the junkiest
brands I've seen in recent years, and I can't advise putting any money
into this thing to repair it. As soon as you get the hard drive in
there, something else will fail. I was selling electronics not too
long ago, and the failure/dissatisfaction rates on the Polaroids were
beyond inexcusable. Think of every day you got out of that unit as a
bonus, and get yourself something else. Anything else.


Aaron J. Bossig

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