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DougG 04-03-2005 04:15 PM

Problem changing network key
Basic question: both XP and Dell's wireless tool are defaulting to an
old password and to WEP. How can I convince them to default to WPA and
to a new password?

I have an e-tech [European brand] wireless router, Dell Inspiron 600m
with a Dell 1350 WAN card, Windows XP Pro and all the latest drivers.

All wired connections work fine, but I'm having trouble with the
wireless connection.

When I first set up the network, I used WEP (for no good reason except
that I'm new to this, and it was the easiest one to set up). The
wireless connection worked fine for the most part, but there were a few
websites and a few applications that simply would not connect, or would
have a very poor connection; everything else worked fine (so I could
access other websites while one or two would hang) and those sites
worked fine on a wired connection.

A lot of searching didn't reveal any answers, but suggested that WEP
might be to blame. So, I changed the security settings to WPA-PSK.
Now, everything -- including the formerly inaccessible sites -- works

BUT - now I have a new problem. Both XP and Dell's wireless tool want
to use the old WEP password, and seem to want to use the WEP protocol.
If I remove all the networks, refresh, and redetect networks, I can
generally convince either tool to accept the WPA password.

How do I convince the tools to default to WPA and the new password?



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