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Chocolate Rose 06-04-2008 09:24 AM

Suggest nice Photo Editing Software.....? Plz

I need a Photo Editing Software to edit my Picture which i had taken
or merge with other pictures... I am ready to pay a small amount. I
need speedy & which occupy less space in my Computer... & laptop.
Specially which gives me a clear edited feature.... & easy to operate.

Actually i have taken a trial version of Power Pix. It is better then
other softwares but still i need other suggestion plz if any then let
me know....

OK fine even i am sending you the link of Power Pix check it out reply
me at

Even I show Kodak Digital Photo Pro.... It is bit smiler to Powerpix
but there is less features...

it's urgent i need to edit few pix to surprise my friend on her
Birthday.... by Editing her few nice pictures.

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