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Paul 05-08-2008 02:04 AM

Re: Systemax Venture Business PC
cybercat wrote:
> Just ordered this:
> Anybody have experience with this brand? After shopping around, I could not
> pass up the price. The reviews on TD's site are okay. It comes with XP Pro
> because I had one of the first versions of XP and from what I read, Vista is
> just as new and just as buggy at the moment.
> This is my first new desktop in about six years. All I do is Internet with
> some large images, email, word processing, and listen to music. Maybe a
> video or two, but no gaming and such. I wanted more power because the
> rattrap I have now gets hung up running three applications. (Also, having
> one hard drive for 6+ years is flirting with disaster, from what I
> understand.)
> My current system is an HP 1.3 ghz with 512 mb of sdram and a 60 gb hard
> drive, runing XP Home.
> Am I going to be amazed and delighted? Do I have any suprises coming, or is
> that why they call them surprises?
> Any input is welcomed.

Tigerdirect. You can look them up in for more comments.
You'll certainly find enough comments and postings about them in Google,
so they won't easily be forgotten. If all goes well, maybe you'll never have
to deal with them for after sales service.

This is the motherboard in your computer. P5GC-MX. If you need to download a
manual for the motherboard, a PDF is available.

(Motherboard manual - unzip to find a PDF)

To see what other people think of P5GC-MX, try here.

If you want to upgrade the processor in the future, the possible upgrades are listed here.
Your machine has an E4600 at 2.4GHz, and according to this chart, you cannot
go too much faster, due to the limited FSB of the motherboard. (The E4700 is
the fastest viable option listed.)

I think there is also a P5GC-MX/1333 motherboard, that has more options for
upgrading the processor. And it likely is not any more expensive for them
to use either.

I think in general, you'll be amazed and delighted. The machine ships with
WinXP on it, so no Vista to suck up the performance on you. The E4600, at
2.4GHz, is roughly equivalent to a P4 at 3.6GHz, so should offer a bit more
performance than your previous 1.3GHz machine. That is bound to be snappy.

Whether it continues to amaze, depends on the little things. For example,
I've noticed recently that my download rate is pretty pathetic and I'm
on ADSL. I'm averaging around 100KB/sec or so right now. I booted into Linux and
tested with the same servers on the Internet, and Linux reported 474KB/sec
transfer rate. It would seem my antivirus software is sucking the good
out of my current machine. I hope whatever you're using for antivirus
isn't that bad :-)


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