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Earle Horton 05-10-2008 05:58 AM

Re: Upgrading this old XP desktop
Video card, motherboard, hard drive. Save the old HDs for backup devices.
If you want to be fancy put them in external USB drive enclosures.
Otherwise just leave one plugged in as a slave drive. If you have a
motherboard based video, you don't know what you're missing. EIDE should be
fine for the HDs.

I have a number of VIA based Socket 370 mobos that are supposed to take 1 Gb
memory. I am running them with 768 Mb because when I give them the full Gb,
XP reboots. Anyone know why this is so? P6VEM, P6STMT, CM33-TC/TL, they
all do it.


"Sarah Houston" <> wrote in message
news:Xns9A991AC113C1ASntzldfrdSntzldfrdco@216.196. 97.142...
> Now that the RAM upgrade has worked so well, I'm thinking in terms of
> upgrading this old desktop and saving some money over a new PC.
> I see that I can add DVDRW for $39:
> Should work on regular old IDE, right? Even with my 2 hard drives?
> And I see I can get a little USB2 5-port for like $10?
> But what about upgrading these two 40GB drives to bigger SATA ones?
> Do I need any special interface for SATA or will my EIDE controller just
> pick those up and handle them, all the same?

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