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Robert Millman 07-29-2003 03:24 PM

Debug step into event handlers
under ASP.NET, single stepping in debug mode appears not
to stop within event procedures. i.e. 1) Create web page
with submit button and event procedure for the click
event in the code behind page, 2) Breakpoint in the
Page_Load, 3) debug the web page and click the submit
button, 4) "step into" under debug several times, 5) The
debugger does not stop at any of the statements in the
click event handler. A breakpoint is needed in each
event routine that you wish to single step through,
rather than the debugger simply stopping at each line of
your code (this was the behavior in VS 6.0 and in VB 6.0)

Anyone know how to get this to work? Seems to me to be a
significant flaw in the debugging capabilities.

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