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GrasshopperZ 05-04-2008 07:02 AM

Startup Problem...
I have a problem with my computer (well, actually, laptop, Dell). When i turn it on, everything works fine, stuff starts up. It gets to the logon screen, so i click on my user, type the password, and press enter. Now, this is where it should start loading, and my desktop should appear and stuff. The thing is, it doesn't...
This is what i have to do at every start up:
1. Press ctrl+alt+dlt
2. Open Task Manager
3. Press the "New Task..." button
4. Type in "explorer"
5. Press Enter or the "Ok" button, and the desktop will appear.

Is there anyway to rectify the problem so i don't have to do this each time I boot/restart my laptop? It's getting kinda annoying. Thanks

P.S. I run on Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit Version).

BohemianGeek 05-15-2008 03:47 AM

did you downloaded anything? and anti-virus? a virus? your explorer should start automatically, have you tried opening up in "Safe Mode" and run a virus scan to make sure? if all is good try a system restore to an earlier date.
I don't have Vista, but in windows xp the last thing i would do it go to windows services, and one by one go through what is starting up automatically behind the scenes.
Start|Run and enter “services.msc”.
hope it works,


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