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Alen Wong 03-28-2008 03:31 PM

How to use Over the Air QoS in WLC 2106
Hi all,

My company is using a WLC2106 with 4 APs directly connected to the
port 4 - 8. With port one to management/data VLAN. Two SSIDs "Manager"
and "Staff" using WPA + TKIP were created and both bridged to the
management interface (assigned to port 1 untagged) of WLC. WLC port 1
is connected to C2950 FE port. Our network do not have any QoS.

I've changed the Maximum RF usage per AP to 10% in bronze and 10 for
the queue length while keeping 100% and 50 for Max RF and queue length
unchanged for silver profile in hope that Staff SSID will not use more
than 10% of the RF channel (i.e. ~5Mbps) per AP

I tested the settings with four notebooks with staff:manager
proportion 1:3 and 3:1 with only one AP on. However, none of which
gives the expected result -- Staff share at most 10% (~5Mbps) of RF
channel while manager share the remaining

It would be grateful if you could tell me if this can be achieved by
solely Over the Air QoS of the WLC under our network? If not, how can
be achieve this by modifying / adding additional gears.


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