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Barry L. Camp 03-03-2008 03:09 AM

Gridview as Recycle Bin

Hey all... would greatly appreciate some gridview advice.

I have a gridview set up in a classic Master/Details setup for
entering/editing/deleting data...

But now I've been tasked with making deleted records "recoverable" by
marking them as deleted (simply a timestamp), then populating those in
a new gridview as a separate "Recycle Bin" grid. Here there will be
only two choices: delete permanently (actual purge of the record) or
restore, which is simply removing the delete marking so that it will
reappear in the "regular" grid.

The new gridview needs to reflect either operation (delete or restore)
in the form of removing the row from the grid. Handling the Delete is
trivial, it invokes a method to call a remove operation.

But for Restore, I also need to "delete" the "recovered row" from the
"Recycle Bin" grid (because it would then be available in the
"regular" grid. I'm not worried about the BLL and DAL or sproc code.
I'm just wondering how to implement this from the Gridview. Obviously
gridview doesn't have two separate deletes.

Any advice on how to implement this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.

Barry L. Camp

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