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Joseph S. Powell, III 02-24-2008 11:22 PM

What movie is this?
I think I saw parts of this movie on USA or something...the scene I recall
involved some evil Manson-looking hippie-type leader - he and some of his
people were in a cemetary (daytime) with lots of American flags and some
Army sergeant (Vietnam vet - young guy, as this looks to have been made in
the early-70's) is there with his friends in their dress uniforms and he
tells the hippies to leave..
The hippie leader cuts his own hand (I think) and says, in a creepy,
possibly dubbed voice, "We're not going anywhere...".
The hippies are apparently evil hippies and the army honor gaurd are the
good guys, and the hippies do something threatening and the soliders aim
their honor guard rifles at the hippies and fire on the sergeant's command.
I don't think this film is Last House on the Left (although I've never seen
Can anyone identify this film?

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