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25glenmore 02-11-2008 02:03 PM

Scsi Scanner Help

any advise may help

I have got a Ricoh IS420 Scsi Scanner (Bell & Howell) and Adaptec AHA 2940 Scsi PCI Card. The card has installed no problem but when i attach the scanner it nevers shows up in device manager. the card has its own setup program that you get into when the computer is booting up (ctrl + A) and has a program that is suppose to scan all the ports on the card and tell you what its detected however nothing shows up ecept for the card itself. so the problem does not seem to be the scanner but the scsi card, i belive these cards are suppose to be quite good so maybe its something that im doing. i have set the scanner to id no. 2 and tried other ids but cant get it working.

Please help if you can i have been at this for ages.



MarkSatterfield 02-17-2008 04:33 AM

You don't mention the operating system. The Ricoh is a nice machine but discontinued.

Check if you have the proper Ricoh & Adaptec drivers for your particular operating system (for example, Windows XP or Windows Vista).


dan.cave 02-21-2008 04:10 PM


1. what SCSI LUN have you got the 2940 card set to (should be 7 iirc )

2. what SCSI LUN is the scanner set to ? mustn't be the same as the 2940 card. usually 0, 1 or something else.

3. when the pc boots up, does the scsi card see the scanner and recognise it as a device " Ricoh IS420 Scsi Scanner" @ LUN ID ' some number'

IF the scsi card sees the scanner ok, then it's probably pointing towards an XP drivers issue.

so, have you installed the adaptec 2940 driver from adaptec's website, not Windows' own driver? - the windows one probably works ok, but best make sure.

5. can you see the scsi card in windows device manager?

6, have you installed the drivers for the scanner from Richo's website/supplied driver cd?

7. if all else fails, reset the scsi card to factory defaults using CTRL-A, iirc there is a menu option somewhere to do this... its ages since i played with scsi cards... lol.

good luck.


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