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twostepted 01-24-2008 08:37 PM

SportsFeed Xml Processor 1.0 released
I'm happy to announce the 1.0 release of SportsFeed Xml Processor - a
cross platform middleware service. SportsFeed has been running in
production environments on the .NET framework and the Mono Runtime for
several years but has just been publicly released.

SportsFeed facilitates gathering and storing xml data to disk and
It can be configured to read xml in a number of different ways
http, ftp, tcp/ip, and from local file systems. It can be configured
to save
xml files to disk in an ad-hoc directory structure and to save xml
to relational databases, all in real time. It has monitoring and
features and is xml independent, database independent, and platform

This is an initial base release intended to gather awareness, support
participation from community members. If you're interested in this
please sign up for the users group or just send a message. The
project is
currently hosted at google groups. You can find a 30 day evaluation
copy of
the software, extensive documentation in html and pdf formats,
examples, and short briefs there. There is a devoted bug tracker at
The software is packaged as a single zip which is ready to be
installed on Linux
or Windows operating systems.



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