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Robin Dunn 01-24-2008 05:58 PM

Re: [wxPython-users] Issue with docking wx.listctrl window
tarun wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm trying to create a Frame with AuiManager. The code is attached.
> *Problem:*
> - I want 2 windows to be docked in the frame. One is a text control and
> other is a list control.
> - The text control gets docked, but on trying to dock the list control,
> all the tabs dis-appear.
> The tabs appear only when the list control window is kept floating.
> In the attached code the list control window is kept floating. This can
> be docked
> To see the issue with docking, comment line 33 and un-comment line 35 in
> the attached file and then try to execute, the issue would be clearly
> visible. On un-docking the window1, the tabs again appear..
> *Please let me the solution to this ASAP*

The main problem is that you are putting the listctrl on a panel, but
you are telling AUI to manage the listctrl, not the panel. If I
understand correctly then your other problems stem from that as well.
Try passing self.log to AddPane, instead of self.log.list.

Robin Dunn
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