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Re: Want to save an image into XML by using C#
On 11 Jan, 05:49, shoukat rasool <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to XML .I want to save and read an image into XML file by using
> C#.Any body will help me.Thanks
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You have to convert binary data (e.g. images) into something like
Base64 before you can store it in XML. Base64 converts the data so
that it consists only of ASCII printable characters. It does cause
the size of the data to expand though, so you might not want to do it
for large images. If you do have large images, one option is to store
the images outside of the XML (say in a file or at some URI/URL) and
then include a reference to the image in the XML (much as HTML does).


Pete Cordell
Visit for XML C++ data binding

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