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Victor Garcia Aprea [MVP] 06-25-2003 10:12 PM

Re: Losing Form data
Hi Matthew,

Changes made to your listbox items at the client-side won't be automatically
persisted to the server. You will need to write some additional code to make
this happen (ie. posting the list of items in a hidden-form field, parsing
it at the server and updating the Items collection accordingly).

Victor Garcia Aprea
Microsoft MVP | ASP.NET
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"Matthew C" <> wrote in message
> Hello All,
> I have two List Boxes on one page, one list box is a populated server-side
> from a data source, the other is initially empty. The page then allows

> user to move data from the first box to the second (empty) list box via a
> client-size JavaScript.
> Once the second box has data in it, the user submits/posts and a

> function attempts to read the data.
> PROBLEM: The data (in the second box) that is populated through the
> client-side JavaScript is not persistent and does not make it to the

> The first box maintains its data through postings, but the second box

> all data.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> cheers
> Matthew

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