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Saumendra 06-24-2003 10:23 PM

Adding web reference to consume multiple web services not working.

Hi guys,
When I am adding a Web Reference in Visual, I provide the url to
the .vsdisco file, so that Visual can dynamically discover all
the available Web Services. Now when I do this, I get a list of all the Web
Services. Next I want add reference to all these Web Service to my Visual project, and so I hit "Add reference" button on the Add Reference
dialog box. By doing this I THOUGHT all the Web references to all the web
services will be added automatically, but this is not happening. The proxy
class that is created (reference.vb) is pointing to the first Web service
that was listed in the list of available Web Service during adding Web
reference. Therefore I cannot call methods of the other Web Services. The
only option I have is to add them individually, and by doing this, i am
generating a bunch of nodes under my Solution Explorer/Web References with
names like "localhost", "localhost1", "localhost2", "localhost3",
"localhost4"... This doesn't make sense to me. Can someone tell me what is
going wrong.

By the way the server that is containing all the Web Services is my
localhost, and dynamic discovery is enabled on my machine.config file.


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