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Sam 09-26-2006 10:07 PM

Thanks for the help so far...

The situation is this: The ADSL belongs to my landlord and is located
in her office. She's letting me set up wireless through her
connection, but knows nothing about how her ADSL is set up.

The ISP is the Instituto Costaricense de Electricidad, or the
government-run monopoly that controls electricity, telephone, and
internet services here in Costa Rica. Therefore, thanks to the
wonderful customer service provided by monopolies, I am hesitant to
reset the modem and risk loosing the settings configured by the

Tonight I am going to be able to play around with the settings again to
see if your suggestions work.

So it sounds like the key here is to find the gateway to the modem and
configure my wireless with that.

All I know about how the modem is set up is from the IPs that were
written on the box (one annotated with an LAN and the other with a WAN)
and that when I checked the setup on the computer the TCP/IP settings
were set to retrieve IP automatically. Does this necessarily mean that
the ASDL is using DHCP? Perhaps not, and the "WAN IP (which I believe
starts with 10. ...)" is the gateway address I should use.

Oh, one other thing. The "status" light on the wireless is not on,
which, according to the manual, means that something is wrong. The
damn manual doesn't explain what kind of problem it might be, but I
suspect it means it can't see anything through the gateway. That sound

Thanks again for your help. Hopefully tonight I'll be posting here
from my computer at home!


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