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Hi guys,
I'm configuring a ACS 4.0 server and a PIX with IOS 6.3 to authenticate
the users and not their IP address.I have configured ACS and PIX to
authenticate the users from Microsoft Active Directory and everything
seem work very well.

Now i wanna put some ACL.
I have configured the downloadable ACL on the ACS and i have enable
users and groups to use them. But when on the pix i write show
access-list i can not see the ACL that i expect there. Then i have
check the reports in ACS and see that the user is authenticated and the
ACL is assigned but in failed attemps i read "DACL request from device
is not acceptable".
My questions are :
Do I need put something else on the pix for accept ACLs?
The normal ACL are enable for interface "access-group in in interface
inside", with Donwloaddable ACl where do i put the interface fr
enabling them?
Can someone give me some exemple about these my questions, please?

Thanks a lot for yours answers. 04-12-2006 02:25 PM

Re: ACS and PIX
Could someone help me ?

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