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Evolution 04-07-2006 02:36 PM

My EIGRP knowledge is limited. I was wondering if one of you Cisco
geniuses could help me with my configuration. First I have a scenario
here. My corporate office has a Layer 3 Switch with multiple VLANs
configured, however they want to setup a router at a DR Site. They
purchased two routers which will be connected via a DS3 for transport
to the DR Site. Is it possible to have a VLAN - configured on
the L3 Switch, and have it route over and be accessible at the DR Site.
I would use say and for the Serial Interfaces, is it
possible to use EIGRP in such a scenario. I know my question is vague,
but if anyone can help, that would be great.
Here is the Diagram Link:

Merv 04-07-2006 02:57 PM

Re: EIGRP Help
Yes that setup is possible using EIGRP

Merv 04-07-2006 03:11 PM

Re: EIGRP Help
Some switches also support routed interface

Pick a test port and see if 4506 will accept the following

int <interface>
no switchport
ip address ....

sho int <interface> status ! see if it says 'routed"

#sh int fa 11/1 switch
Name: Fa11/1
Switchport: Disabled

#sh int fa 11/1 status

Port Name Status Vlan Duplex Speed Type
Fa11/1 connected routed a-full a-100

#sh run int fa 11/1
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 68 bytes
interface FastEthernet11/1
ip address x.x.x.60

Merv 04-07-2006 03:20 PM

Re: EIGRP Help
If you want to extended a VLAN ( from your HQ to the DRP
site, then you would have to bridge that VLAN across the DS3 link which
is possible

Evolution 04-07-2006 04:07 PM

Re: EIGRP Help
how can i bridge the vlan?

Merv 04-07-2006 08:56 PM

Re: EIGRP Help

Evolution wrote:
> how can i bridge the vlan?

In the diagram that you posted it looks like you are only intending on
having one VLAN at the DRP site - is that the cae and are you sure that
will will not want add others VLANS now or in the future.

Evolution 04-11-2006 03:22 PM

Re: EIGRP Help
I'll just use EIGRP then to route. You're right. May want to expand
into the future.

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