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Dumb Questions
Hello All,

I know this sounds like a lot of dumb questions, but I have been reading
some of the posts and have to ask a few questions:

1. Why does it seem that somebody who has years of practical experience and
who studies quite a bit for the exams does not score very high (above
passing) on exams while somebody who studies just a few days can make a high

1a. Is it because of overthinking the questions? That seems to happen to me.

2. What are some things that have helped you to score well, other than
studying and knowing the subject?

2a. What are the best books to use - MS Press, Sybex, etc? I have been
using MS Press so far.

3. How long do you typically study for an exam - days, weeks, months, etc?

4. Which exams related to MCSA & MCSE are the most difficult ones?

I appreciate your responses. I just don't do well on exams of any type, I
never have, even when I know the answer without having to think about it.
The answer gets lost between my head and my hands, but on the job I can do it
without any problems whatsoever. If there was only a way for MS to test
real-world situations...


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