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bigal 03-25-2006 03:44 AM

Help me fix this - Microsoft GIF Animator
Ok, thanks to the Mod man, I now have Microsoft GIF Animator. I've built my first GIF file, but I can't control the cycle rate, only the number of cycles. I need some help....:frog:

(It's fixed now. Thanks guys. Oh oh. Look at that avatar....)

Silverstrand 03-25-2006 05:07 PM

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Click on the image tab, and go to duration. Each image will have its own duration period, which will need to be set.

bigal 03-26-2006 04:01 AM

Ok, I'll give that a try tomorrow. Thanks.

The Modfather 03-26-2006 01:37 PM

Yep, that's the answer alrighty. I made that mistake first time I used it, my lame work-around was to insert multiples of the same image, until I saw what I was doing wrong.

bigal 03-26-2006 02:36 PM

I was wondering what the heck that duration was doing, since changing the value wasn't doing anything that I noticed! It was only affecting the first image, and as I look at the gif while running, I see the delay in the first image. Funny I couldn't figure that out. Guess I'm an idiot after all......(open door to comments......).

unholy 03-27-2006 06:13 AM

no harsh comments al, i am sure others made mistakes like that :P

The Modfather 03-27-2006 09:25 AM

Yep, change the setting for each image, and remember it's in miliseconds. :)

unholy 03-28-2006 06:23 AM

hmmmm, u sure its milliseconds i swear its ticks :|

The Modfather 03-28-2006 11:12 AM

If you've got ticks it's because you were out playing in the bush, try lighting a match, blow it out and touch it to the back end of the tick right after you blow it out, he'll pull his head out to see what the hell that was about then you plick him off and squish him.

bigal 03-28-2006 06:06 PM

Ok, I think this one works better (it's my fellow WORMS members):

Do you think I've gone overboard??? Stare deeply into my avatar....yes, that's it.... you see your future? .....yes....AMD....dual core......ahhhhhh...yesssss....

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