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GJ 01-30-2004 11:10 AM

Report on FTP Site files and folders
Is anyone aware of how I can report on the files and folders on a FTP
site. Results similar to below.

-folder 1 1.65Mb
-subfolder 1 0.9Mb
-file1.jpg 0.9mb [other file stats]
-subfolder 2 0.55Mb
-file2.jpg 0.2Mb [other file stats]
-file3.jpg 0.35Mb [other file stats]
-file4.jpg 0.2Mb [other file stats]

I want the parent to display the total of all files and subfolders as
this will make it easier.

I have some FTP space and am trialling some OS applications and am well
over the size limit. There are a large number of directories and going
through them all manually looks to be a painfully slow process.

My ftp client is FileZilla (
and for those interested it is free and has a very nice interface.



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