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Mainlander 08-29-2003 09:06 AM

Re: Can a video card cause damage to a monitor?
In article <3f4be679$>, says...
> Got a customer with a 1 year old PC Company 17" monitor who bought an
> Albatron MX440 video card from us. A few days after, the monitor started
> making a crackling electrical sound, and also produced a burning type of
> smell. Although the monitor still works, the sounds and smells continue (of
> course i switched it off immediatly). The resolution was low.
> The customer seems convinced that somehow the video card is the direct cause
> of this fault, although i have plugged his computer in to another monitor
> and it hasn't caught fire yet.
> Any electrical technicians here wanna give their opinion? It would be grealy
> appreciated.

If you set the refresh outside range it's possible some damage could be
caused .

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