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Anthony Neville 08-09-2003 01:35 AM

loadqm.exe randomly blocks net access.
Loadqm.exe is a scummy, goblin program from the pit of Hell. Some
days I would be on the internet for hours and everything would work smoothly,
then other days internet access just stops dead, sometimes for a moment,
sometimes until resetting my machine, and this would occur about 1 to 5
times a day. This time around the halt in internet access was followed by
an exception prompt identifying loadqm as the cause. After disabling
loadqm using msconfig I have not had single outtage for a week, not one!
I only wish loadqm was an insect I could pull the wings off. grrrrrr...

btw, my OS is Win98 first edition. Loadqm may actually work for those
other ones. Who knows?


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