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Bruce Sinclair 07-08-2003 09:36 PM

Re: Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird
In article <pan.2003.>, Lennier <notanyspam@nospam.invalid> wrote:
>On Mon, 07 Jul 2003 20:32:29 +0000, Bruce Sinclair wrote:
>> This is the part I'm struggling with. Basically, I'm not going to do it
>> ... and I'm going to try really hard to get those games I simply must
>> have to run under linux. If I can't ... then I'll ... do without :)

>Try a little WINE. :o)
>It's getting really quite mature now.

I'm hoping this will do a lot of what I want ... I suspect (from reading the
wine group) that it won't do as much as I hope.



Oook !
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