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Samuel R. Neff 01-02-2008 03:38 PM

"Convert to Web Application" didn't convert pages to partial classes in 1.1 -> 3.5 migration

We're migrating our .NET 1.1 web application to .NET 3.5 and during
conversion we clicked "Convert to Web Application" on the web project.
The results from this conversion were inconsistent.

1. Many pages were not converted at all. They're still aspx and cs
files with generated code inside the cs file and still no partial
class implementation.

2. Designer classes empty. A few pages were converted to partial
classes, but the designer classes are empty and the instance fields
are all still in the original cs file.

3. Many correct. Many pages were converted to partial classes and
declarations moved over as expected.

There was no conversion report or indication of failure.

If I right click on an individual file that failed and choose "Convert
to Web Application" for that file only, I get an error that says
"Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown" with no futher
details. Is there a log file somewhere that would have the full

Can anyone help idenify why it failed for some pages and not others,
and how can I convert those failed pages (I assume creating a manual
Designer file would not cause it to get re-generated automatically as



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