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Keith Woolf 02-01-2005 08:54 PM

One-way Network
I have a strange problem in that my home network works normally in one
direction but fails to 'Map' any but the A Drive (Floppy Disk) in the other
direction. Hence I can 'push' files into the Computer that gives the error
messages but I cannot 'pull' them in the other direction.

The setup is near symmetrical: Desktop running Windows XP Pro SP2 with
Norton Internet Security 2005 - Laptop running Windows XP Tablet Edition SP2
with Norton Internet Security 2005.

From the Desktop end I can Map the main C Drive plus My Documents and Shared
Documents and all works fine.

From the Laptop end I can Map the A Drive (FD) only and that works normally.
Attempts to Map any other Drive, even one at a time, results in the error
message "Not enough server storage space is available to process the

Both Desktop and Laptop work fine through to the Internet.

The Network is an Access Point (Infrastructure) type via a Netgear DG834G

At one stage it all worked fine both ways but then 'stopped' and System
Restore failed to resolve the problem.

Any ideas please?

Keith Woolf

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