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AG 03-07-2006 01:31 PM

Modelsim loading problem

I am trying to simulate a design, Modelsim don't want to load it.

Compilation is successful.

When I load my top-level entity (a test bench), Modelsim I get the following
message :

# Loading C:\Modeltech_xe_starter\win32xoem/../std.standard
# Loading C:\Modeltech_xe_starter\win32xoem/../std.textio(body)
# Loading C:\Modeltech_xe_starter\win32xoem/../ieee.std_logic_1164(body)
# Loading C:\Modeltech_xe_starter\win32xoem/../ieee.numeric_std(body)
# Loading work.tb_filter(test1)
# Loading work.two_filters(simple)
# Loading C:\Modeltech_xe_starter\win32xoem/../ieee.std_logic_arith(body)
# Loading C:\Modeltech_xe_starter\win32xoem/../ieee.std_logic_unsigned(body)
# Loading work.fir(transverse)
# ** Failure: (vsim-3807) Types do not match between component and entity
for port x
# Time: 0 ns Iteration: 0 Instance: /tb_filter/uut/filtre1 File:
# Fatal error at C:/Dev/Test/vhdl/FIR/filter.vhd line 114
# while elaborating region: /tb_filter/uut/filtre1
# Load interrupted

Of course I have checked the types on the component and the entity, and they
are exactly the same signed(2*N-1 downto 0) where N is a generic set to 32.

What I a wondering is why does modelsim load ieee.std_logic_arith(body) and
ieee.std_logic_unsigned(body) ?
I don't mention them in my source files (the only one I use is
ieee.std_logic_1164.all and ieee.numeric_std.all), and I am suspecting these
libraries to interfere with ieee.numeric_std, especially for the definition
of the type signed.

Am I wrong ? If not, what to do ? If yes why ?

Thank you,


AG 03-07-2006 02:38 PM

Re: Modelsim loading problem
I found the problem :

Modelsim wasn't pointing at the right file. The other file was loading the

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